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Marketing is about one thing:  creating and keeping the right kind of customers for your business.

But the landscape for creating successful marketing strategies has changed dramatically.  Nearly all consumers in America (97%) now use online media when researching products or services.  No longer is it just young people who are flocking to search engines and social media to find – and talk about – the products and services that they want to buy!

Marketing has shifted away from a one-way “messaging strategy” to actively engaging prospects and customers in multi-point conversations.  Social media is the new medium of choice for advertising to — and interacting with — the right kind of customers.  Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube are just three of the channels that CUSTOMERS are using to control the conversation.  Together, these three services account for more than 800 million users — and influence millions upon millions of buying decisions every month.

A growing player in this new marketing mix is the mobile phone. Marketing messages that take advantage of this technology have the advantage of individualizing both message and audience – marketing to an audience of one.

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